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Is Your Business Ready For The Next UX Design Evolution

Clear Sight Designs, can help you achieve a new level of UX design thinking. We are a dallas Texas UX design agency at the forefront of forging new ways to work with AR & VR. Together we can help discover your AR & VR design strategy.

we make magic everyday

It takes a lot of thought to push the boundaries of reality.

Our team of UX professionals is able to design, build, and create amazing experiences. All our design thinking is firmly driven by what end customers expect.

This is especially challenging when dealing with new design paradigms. Learn more about Clear Sight Designs process methodology and our extremely specialized design skills for Hololens , MagicLeap and iOS arKit



Our Design Approach And Process

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UX Strategy & Planning

UX Strategy For Mobile, Web, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

It’s difficult for companies to understand how to leverage the latest and greatest in emerging technologies. Don’t go at it alone. Together we will look at your business and marketing objectives. We will evaluate potential areas where technology like VR and AR can help position you as a leader in the coming design wave.

We have years of experience working with the most bleeding edge technology platforms like HoloLens, MagicLeap, Arkit, Vive, Oculus Go and more. We can help you connect your business and marketing strategy to the technological possibilities and capabilities.

Directed UX Research

Understanding And Empathizing With Customers

We have 20+ years helping clients create amazing design experiences. It’s important to understand your unique product needs before we can begin to help you and your products. This is where our proven research methods come into play. coming design wave.

In our first few meetings, our objective is to discover what makes your business valuable to your customers and clients. We work to develop deep research understanding and from there discover new ways in which to apply this knowledge to your new or existing strategy. This experience includes drafting surveys, focus studies, remote interviews, in-person interviews, empathy mapping, journey mapping, service design blueprints, heuristic analysis, and more.

We do what makes sense and is practical to help achieve your UX design marketing and business objectives.

Prototypes & Concepts

Validating Ideas Before Development Begins

Do you have a dream of creating a product? Perhaps you are a start-up looking to move your application experience into a real product. The best way to start is to prototype. Our services include creating click prototypes, application prototypes, an AR design & prototyping (augmented), or VR prototyping (virtual reality), and UX/UI prototyping.

Together we will examine your business and product strategy to help figure out what prototype will serve you best. We have worked with many start-ups to help them create experiences that align with investors needs.

Usability Testing

Do Customers Understand Your Product?

Often we are so used to our own internal discussions, product development, and battles it’s easy to lose sight of building experiences driven by human-centered design principles.

Perhaps you have an existing product and customers are experiencing problems. It’s never too late to start usability testing. We do this as a matter of process, but from time to time clients need a deep heuristics evaluation to help identify problems. We take this a step further and can offer solutions and insights as we break down and analyze pain-points, and positive experiences.

Application Design & Development

From The Whiteboard To The Application Experience

We work through a time tested process to help get the ideas off the whiteboard and into an application experience. We have the capability to bring many development technologies to our amazing user experience. 

This includes application development for iOs, Android, HoloLens, MagicLeap, and of course Web.

At the end of the day you want a team UX experts there to make sure the work, the idea, the vision and the magic remain intact!


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